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Bioveta, a.s., Czech Republic, 2019

Supply, Installation, and Commissioning of cleanroom technology for the manufacture of veterinary vaccines in the building of the Biotechnology Hall.
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Kayaku Safety Systems Europe a.s., Czech Republic, 2019

Production Bulding No. 163: Parts of this delivery were: Air-conditioning of explosion-proof boxes, cooling of rooms with dryers, and HVAC for technology support systems.
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Thermo Fisher Scientific Brno s.r.o., Czech Republic, 2019

D2.3 Building – Administrative Rooms on the 1st Floor: technological mains of media, HVAC, air-conditioning of offices and laboratories, etc.
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KrasPharma, Russian Federation, 2019

Infusion solutions.
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AO FP Obolenskoe, Russia, 2019

Construction of a Plant for the Production of Solid Drugs Forms and Capsules.
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Bioveta a.s., Czech Republic, 2018

Virology Department on the 2nd Storey Above Ground of The Bioveta Novelty Hall (BNH).
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Brno University Hospital, Czech Republic, 2018

Reconstruction of 14 Operating Theatres.
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FEI Czech Republic s.r.o., Czech Republic, 2018

Thermo Fisher – Expanding of Production Capacities: design, realisation.
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Bioveta, a.s.; Czech Republic, 2018

Vaccine Research & Development Center (BNH – Bioveta Novelty Hall). Laboratories.
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